from THE DESK OF OUR Executive Director 09.2017

On August 1, 2016 we were moving our last HUD funded family off property into alternate housing. What a dark day that was for the families and the team at House of Refuge.

But, YOU were there to write a different end to that chapter. Here we are 12 months later continuing to serve homeless families because of YOU! I want you to know we are on track to meet our goal of having all homes filled with families by the end of September, just in time to get them settled for fall and the holiday season.

Because of your generosity and faithfulness to serve the homeless in our community, because of your willingness to look this ugly issue in the eye, stare it down and say,

“not in my backyard, these families are not going without in my neighborhood”

we are here to serve another day. Anyone that spends anytime around me knows I believe our story is nothing short of a miracle and I have God and this fabulous community to thank.

THANK YOU for confirming what my parents taught me as a child, there are a lot of good people out there that just want to help. You have given families at House of Refuge confirmation that there is a better tomorrow for their families because there are people in our community that truly care about them. Please know I am shouting your awesome stories of generosity from the roof tops and humbly come to you and say THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!!!!

Sincerely, Nancy Marion, Executive Director