PDS Mobile Clinic

Pacific Dental Services Foundation’s mobile clinic visited the neighborhood and our residents to provide donated dental care and spread oral health awareness:
· 19 Patients
· Over $11,000 in services, not including the doctors & staff’s time

· Jane had a line across her tooth, she said it’s been bothering her for over a year. She was breaking out on her face from always putting her hand over her mouth as she spoke. “It’s like having a zit on your tooth” Jane came out smiling and didn’t stop smiling all day. Even her composure changed from the way she entered to how she stood with confidence once she exited the RV.

· We had a couple children who were really scared to see what the doctor said because their parents had such bad teeth. One girl is scared of needles and so was terrified of what was going to happen in that RV, after her x-rays she found out she didn’t have any cavities and got a deep cleaning to help with some stains. She is definitely going to continue to take care of her teeth. At the age of 13, this was her first visit to the dentist, ever!

· Charlotte did not want to come, terrified because she knows that her tooth probably needs to be pulled, she was calmed by Jed, dentist assistant, by cracking jokes and casual talk prior to her going in to have a tooth pulled. I have never seen someone get a tooth pulled and walk out with a big smile on their face, but Saturday that actually happened. She stated that it wasn’t that bad at all, she didn’t feel a thing and was so happy she took House of Refuge up on the opportunity.

· Theresa was super excited because her front tooth had a cavity at the gums and she was scared she was going to lose it but the dentist saved it that day and she now feels more comfortable smiling.

· Chandler knew something was wrong with his tooth because it would hurt even when the wind would hit it. He had to have it pulled but was so happy nothing came out of his pocket to do so.

The doctors were having a great time the entire time, laughing with one another and the patients. They never seemed rushed. Each one took their time explaining things to the residents, making sure they understood and were comfortable. Most left with their business card because they now trusted them and want to make sure to continue to make sure their teeth are properly taken care of.

Thank you to everyone at Pacific Dental Services Foundation!