Scan a Community Partners Key Tag for our organization and help us receive up to 5% of your eligible purchases as a cash contribution from Albertsons Market. Ask for a Community Partners Key Tag Today!

There is shopping that you may already do that can benefit House of Refuge. House of Refuge is participating in the Albertsons Community Partners Program. There is no cost for you to get involved and we will benefit greatly with your help. It is a simple two-step process and works in every Albertson’s in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas.

How to Receive your Key Tab

Pick up Albertson’s Community Partners key tag from our Donation Center staff. If you are not local to House of Refuge, please email and we will arrange for you to receive one. Unlike other programs, you do not need to register this card or reload it. Rather, it is set to go when you receive it.

How the Program Works

Shop at Albertson’s and have cashier scan key tag when you check out.

We will receive 1% on the first $50,000 that we and our supporters spend each quarter and 5% on everything over $50,000 per quarter.

Example: Our total spend is $60,000 in one quarter. We will receive:

$50,000 x 1% = $500 +

$10,000 x 5% = $500

= $1,000 total

Thank you in advance for your support in this campaign. We sincerely appreciate it.

Please note that this is neither an implied endorsement of Albertson’s stores or a recommendation that you do all your grocery shopping there. If your favorite store offers a similar charitable program, please notify us so we can research to see if House of Refuge can be added to their program.