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We are proud of our campus and program. Please schedule a visit!

All funds are provided through federal grants, foundations, churches, service organizationsĀ andĀ individuals.
To keep our program vibrant and operating, financial and volunteer assistance is always appreciated.


It would be impossible for us to complete our mission without you.

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Make Donation

Financial support from people like you is how we make a difference.

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Tax Credit

A credit against your Arizona tax liability is available to you.

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Join our Outreach program in raising awareness.

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Donation Center

Many of our new residents arrive with little or no personal belongings. With the generous support of our local community, program participants can begin to rebuild their lives and homes at the time of move-in. Residents can obtain immediate and essential items for their home at the Donation Center at no cost. Learn More…

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Hours of Operation

  • Mon – Fri: 9:30am-4:00pm
  • Sat and Sun: CLOSED
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