Employee FUNdraising- Putting the FUN Back In Your Corporate Giving Program

You already know that employee fundraising has been shown to improve employee morale, build stronger employee relationships, and foster community spirit in an organization but the challenge is- How do you get employees EXCITED about it? Well, you gotta get creative…

Here’s a few ideas to get your creativity flowing… (or just copy them, we won’t tell)


Launch a crowdfunding campaign with a twist; no donation can exceed a small set amount (expl. $2) Employees then compete to raise the most donations, but the winner is determined by the QUANTITY of donors, not the size of the donations.


Impractical Jokers:

So some convincing may need to be done on this one…as well as proper approval from HR..

Allow employees to raise money to compete for the opportunity to plunge their boss in a dunk tank, throw a pie in their face, or shave their head (it’s for a good cause!).


Top Chef:

Have employees pay a small fee to compete against each other in a cook-off contest (chili, barbeque, salsa, baking, etc.) for a chance to win a prize. Employees can then buy items during lunch or break after the judging is over.


(Board) Game of Thrones:

Host a board game tournament- teams or individuals collect pledges or pay an entry fee to compete.


Office Space:

If you have a larger office, especially one without assigned parking, than you know how motivated employees could get over that one shady spot closest to the door (or that Holy Grail of staplers). Offer that reserved spot for a week/month/quarter to the employee who raises the most money for House of Refuge.


(Your Company’s) Got Talent:

Host a lunch time talent show- have employees sign up to compete against each other to win the title of “Most Talented Employee”. Set up donation “jars” for each team or individual that is competing. The audience “votes” for by putting their donation funds in the jar/s of their choice. Whichever performance collects the most donations WINS!


Penny Wars

Each team or department is given a large container (4 gallon water bottles work best) to collect as many pennies as possible. Each penny counts as one point. Silver is actually DEDUCTED with the strategy being opposing members adding nickels, dimes, and quarters to reduce their opponents score. Team with the highest score WINS!

Double Down:

Match all employee generated donations dollar for dollar.

Your corporate giving program could look like one of these ideas, but really the options are endless. It all comes down to what corporate culture YOU want to create for your employees and how best to engage them in making a difference in the community they live and work in. By partnering with House of Refuge you are helping raise the much needed funds that will house and support homeless families right here in our community.

If you need help coming up with ideas or implementing any of the ones above I encourage you to reach out and let us assist you, and we thank you in advance for choosing House of Refuge as your corporate giving partner.

Melanie Moscicki

Director of Development