“A Night on the Town” gala event cancelled

Dear Supporters and Donors,

November 10th was the date of the 2nd Annual House of Refuge Gala – A Night on the Town. Much planning had already gone into coordinating another spectacular and fun filled event. Then our world was shaken beyond our understanding. Irma, Maria, earthquakes, fires consuming my beloved northwest. Literally millions of human beings becoming displaced or homeless, some with no infrastructure to assist with the recovery or even supply them with the most basic needs, many with no idea what to do next.
At our last Board of Directors meeting it was decided that in all good conscious that we could not put on our black tie clothing, treat ourselves to a 4 star dinner and pretend that nothing had changed in our world. We also knew that many of the donors/supporters that have been so kind to House of Refuge over the last year would be the same generous people who would be supporting the disaster relief efforts. So, the House of Refuge Board of Directors made a brave decision to cancel our Gala for this year and ask our sponsors and those that would have purchased tickets to consider this thought. Would you please take the money that you would have used to purchase a ticket, be a sponsor or would have used in the silent auction and send it to the disaster relief fund of your choice. If you currently don’t have one you regularly support please Google “disaster relief funds” and it will give you an entire list to select from.
I want to thank you for all you have done for House of Refuge, don’t worry, we will be inviting you to Adopt-a-Home, come to our next exciting event in February hosted by our friends from Seville and through the end of the year continue to ask you to support us through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, but for now, will you please consider reaching out and helping our brothers and sisters that are in such desperate need now.

Thank you,
Nancy Marion
Executive Director | House of Refuge, Inc.
6935 East Williams Field Road | Mesa, AZ 85212