Why Support Us?

Your company can make a major difference to homeless families in our community. Fifty percent of our residents are women in their 30’s with 2-3 children who have a history of domestic violence. By becoming our corporate partner, you will be helping us provide housing, services, and support to these families as they strive toward self-sufficiency and permanent housing.

We care for families that often arrive with nothing and have very little, if any family support. From preparing houses for move in, sorting and allocating community donations, maintaining the neighborhood, to staffing the community center for after school programming, our services are universal and easy for your staff to engage and relate to.

What's in it For You?

We have an extensive history of successful corporate partnerships, working with companies of all sizes and industries.

Partnering with a local charity that reaches the heart of the East Valley allows your business to:

  • Develop team building, skills, communication, and time management
  • Increase brand awareness and strengthen your brand
  • Increase sales by associating new products or services with a good cause
  • Help integrate local communities with our brand and yours

But don’t take our word for it! Have a look at what some of our partners have to say about our work together.


More About Becoming a Corporate Sponsor