Outreach for House of Refuge

We are a volunteer group of men and women who believe strongly in the House of Refuge program and we are committed to raising community awareness and funds on its behalf. We are interested in both friend-raising and fundraising for House of Refuge.

We are a small group with big ideas. We are looking for men and women with willing hands, creative minds, and a little time to donate for a great cause. There are many ways to help on any given project, and you can choose when and how you want to participate. Here are just a few possibilities:

  • Represent House of Refuge at a local Chamber or community event
  • Promote House of Refuge through social media platforms
  • Collaborate in brainstorming ideas for public relations and fundraising
  • Become an ambassador for House of Refuge in your neighborhood and community network
  • Join or chair one of our three committees: Membership, Fundraising/Events, or Community Awareness

And remember that all your efforts will help provide transitional housing and support services for homeless families in need!

Meetings are held at House of Refuge on the third Monday of each month at 6:30 PM. Feel free to join us for a meeting and get to know us a little. We welcome all guests and there is no pressure to join.

Are you Interested?
We hope so! Members must be 18 years or older and you have two types of membership to consider:

Full Membership

  • Actively assist in friend-raising and fundraising
  • Participate on at least one event committee each year
  • Attend monthly meetings with a minimum of one per quarter

Full Members have the right to vote on all matters, are eligible for Board positions, and receive a complimentary Outreach shirt to be worn for events.

Associate Membership

  • Participate whenever possible in friend-raising and fundraising activities of Outreach
  • Contribute to networking and social media platforms to raise awareness of House of Refuge and Outreach events
  • Attend monthly meetings and committee meetings whenever possible

Associate Members are not eligible to vote on Outreach issues or to hold a Board position.

Membership Process

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Attend a “Behind the Scenes” tour
  3. Meet with Community Outreach Specialist at House of Refuge to sign paperwork. Paperwork includes the application form, a liability waiver and a confidentiality agreement.

If you need to ask questions before filling out the application, please click below:

Thank you for your interest in Outreach for House of Refuge! We hope you’ll join us in our mission to help homeless families transition to self-sufficiency. However, if you don’t feel you can commit at this time, here are some suggestions for other ways to stay involved:

  • Join the email list to receive newsletters and information on upcoming event (click here).
  • Attend and support fundraisers
  • Donate to House of Refuge and/or take advantage of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit (click here).
  • Volunteer at the House of Refuge as an individual or part of a group (click here).
  • Donate gently used clothing, linens or kitchen items to the Donation Center (click here).
  • Designate House of Refuge as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile  or Fry’s Food Stores (click here).