A VERY special thank you to all of our donors this holiday season!

This Christmas we asked for “wish lists” from our residents, then went to you, our generous community, and asked for specific toys and gifts. The outpouring of support was incredible and we are so pleased to write that nearly every wish was granted. As one mom exclaimed as we dropped off the gifts, “it really will be a Merry Christmas!”
We delivered these bags of toys for children and parents to every single family – 10 sleigh trailers FULL! Our special Santa helpers loaded the trailer and using their special Santa key, were able to drop off the items into each storage space in the homes.

A very special shoutout of thanks to Rebecca Hille Atlee for allowing us to utilize her special sleigh and for assisting us with the deliveries – and to our all volunteer Outreach for House of Refuge for being such a blessing to us year round.


All funds are provided through federal grants, foundations, churches, service organizations and individuals. To keep our program vibrant and operating, financial and volunteer assistance is always appreciated.